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Rockwell Land Corporation is one of the premier real estate development companies in the Philippines. It was formed in 1995, after the shutdown of the thermal power plant, by the Lopez Group. Its primary task was to transform the old thermal plant property into a high-end commercial business district, truly a benchmark for innovation in the Real Estate industry.

With bold ambition, Rockwell Land's ground-breaking master plan transformed the lands of Meralco's former thermal plant site into a high-end living environment, now the Rockwell Center. In 1995, the newest member of the Lopez Group simultaneously developed five high-rise luxury residential condominiums - a move unheard of in the 1990's. At a time when industry players were shying away from risks, Rockwell raised the bar for the whole industry - eventually becoming the benchmark for quality innovation that is as aesthetically beautiful as it is well-designed.


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With bold ambition, Rockwell's ground-breaking master plan transformed the lands of Meralco into a high-end living environment, now known as the Rockwell Center.

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